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Name:Shanghai International Design Week



Add:Shanghai New International Expo Center(N1-N4 , W3-W5)

Theme:Flying Creativity Makes Life Better




2019Shanghai International Design Week

Registration for the exhibition

1、Intelligent Design Hall

Show the leading edge of black technology and intelligent innovative products in the field of life, including smart communications, smart home, smart appliances, intelligent transportation and other daily necessities.


2、Art Design Hall

Display the brand of design consumer goods, which is mainly composed of contemporary creative arts, paintings, sculptures and handcrafts.


3、 Whole House Design Hall

Show household products designed with whole-room thinking and concept, including whole cabinet, wardrobe, bookcase, wine cabinet, bathroom, soft-fitting design, and various house-wide customization solutions.


4、Lifestyle Experience Hall

Show professional design schemes of different styles in public or private spaces such as hotels, shopping malls, restaurants, clubs, buildings, residential areas, parks, etc. Cross-border integration into clothing, jewelry, automobiles and other products to show different lifestyle scenarios.


5、New Building Materials Hall

The main theme is "green + technology". It shows all kinds of new products and materials related to indoor and outdoor architectural decoration, including smallpox, ceiling, doors and windows, curtain wall, stairs, tiles, floor materials, glass, wood and stone, hardware, paint and so on.

Exhibit Area Plan


SIDW is staged in halls n1-n5 and w1-w5 at  Shanghai new international expo center (SNIEC),a world-renowned expo centre.SNIEC is surrounded by state-of-the-art commercial and transportation facilities.Metro line2,metro line7 and maglev are quite close to SNIEC.

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Shanghai International Design Week Description Document Download


Shanghai International Design Week Description Document Download

Shanghai International Design Week Description Document Download