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Guangdong General Chamber of Commerce

SIDW committee



Runjing Exhibition (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

Name:Shanghai International Design Week



Add:Shanghai New International Expo Center(N1-N4 , W3-W5)

Theme:Flying Creativity Makes Life Better


Shanghai International Design Week


Shanghai International Design Week

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Shanghai International Design Week (SIDW) ,organized by the Guangdong General Chamber of Commerce, operated by Runjing Exhibition (Shanghai) Co., Ltd, is the pioneering major international design event that combines the elements of “Design + Intelligence”.      
The theme of SIDW is centralized around the idea of “Design Empowers a Smart Future”, which takes a time- and form-transcending perspective to deeply dive into the value of design, committing to transform the future urban live through design and technology. This Expo will converge valuable fields of design such as Intelligent communication, smart home and smart transportation, architectural design, interior design, landscape design, furniture design, home décor design and creative houseware design, fashion design, which integrates design and technology and demonstrating new design, new technology, new business models, and set new trends in the design industry. 
SIDW will gather KOL’s of various industries to initiate cross-industry collaborations, committing to create the most internationalize and influential event that spans the broadest range of industries.
SIDW boosts consuming and industrial upgrading
A consumption reform is happening in China, and the pursuit of high-quality lifestyle will become the "new normality". SIDW advocates "Design + Intelligence" economy and regards it as the engine of the real economy. It shows the latest design trend and assists enterprises in strategic planning, to seize the commanding point of the future market and economy.
SIDW boosts innovation of business model 
SIDW gathers KOL’s of various industries, advocates cross-border communication and cooperation. Hundreds of summit forums and precise networking events promotes the discussion of business model from multiple perspectives, and develop new ideas for industry development.
SIDW extends marketing channels and increase commercial value
By making use of the resources of Guangdong General Chamber of Commerce,SIDW assists enterprises in expanding the business communication and cooperation. It gathers domestic and foreign industries media and mass media, giving the exhibition all-rounded, multi-level, extensive and in-depth coverage, to set off brand communication and help terminal value increase.