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Name:Shanghai International Design Week



Add:Shanghai New International Expo Center(N1-N4 , W3-W5)

Theme:Flying Creativity Makes Life Better


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What is SIDW?

Shanghai International Design Week (SIDW) is sponsored by the Guangdong Commercial Federation, co-sponsored by the Design Committee of China Architectural Decoration Association, and fully sponsored by Runjing Exhibition (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. At the same time, it has received strong support from a large number of institutions of higher learning, design institutions, social organizations and brand enterprises, which take accelerating the development of China's design industry as their responsibility. The active participation of designers.


The theme of this design week is "Creative Design, Lighten Your Life". Relying on three major sections of special exhibitions, awards and events, and forum activities, the design week integrates three elements of "innovation + intelligence + fashion", gathers top design resources, brand enterprises and industry elites at home and abroad, and strives to build an exhibition platform and exchange level between Chinese and foreign design industries. Taiwan and docking platform, while inheriting and promoting Chinese culture, learn from foreign experience, constantly improve the creative level, design level and integration ability of China's design industry, accelerate the historical leap from "Made in China" to "Made in China" and make more and more new contributions to the people's lives of all ethnic groups in the country.


This design week is held in Shanghai, which has unique advantages. As China's largest international metropolis, Shanghai is a well-known international brand capital, design capital and fashion capital. It not only has the design team and brand enterprises that have reached the international first-class level, but also has a huge design market. The participants, whether they are "buyers", "sellers" or "experts", can fulfill their wishes. Shanghai's modern urban facilities and high-quality business services have created a good external environment for the success of the Design Week.

Exhibit Area Plan


The Asia (Shanghai) International Design Week was held at the internationally renowned Shanghai New International Expo Centre (SNIEC). The exhibition area is located in the N1/N2/N3/N4/N5 pavilion and has a scale of approximately 70,000 square meters. The surrounding business and transportation facilities of SNIEC are complete, with many large-scale integrated commercial districts and high-end hotels. Metro Line 2, Metro Line 7 and Maglev trains are within easy reach.